Roadmap of PKV


All employees co-exist in Corporate Professionals with an outlook towards their self-development. Each employee is handed tasks and duties that help convert their theoretical knowledge over certain matter(s) and subjects into practical efforts and endeavors. In this way all employees are exposed to wide variety of knowledge, and hence develop a Multi-Task Oriented/ Multi-Faceted work profile.


His dream of creating a systematic paperless organization having a solid brand value and network of professionals, setting up of a mega firm, a professional mall where multiple solutions were provided under a single roof, was realised when he opened his consultancy firm in the year 2003, albeit, he had conceived the idea in the year 2001.

The Group prestigiously known as one team with the common purpose of serving the clients to the best of their satisfaction has a right blend of legal and financial skills coupled with continuous focus on research and effective use of Information Technology. Innovative flair of executing assignments with problem solving zeal has enabled the Group to create customized products, for different class of clients and offer path breaking solutions. Not just for executing Clients' assignments but also in internal management, the Group adheres to a system driven approach.


Working in BLB contributed immensely to his growth, both professionally and personally as a learning human being. However, his unquenching thirst for constantly striving for something bigger and better to learn and to serve the society took him on the path of becoming the youngest President of the ICSI in the year 2003. Thereafter he founded Corporate Professionals with two persons, which has since become a multi-disciplinay mega firm with nearing hundred profesionals, who are providing varied services to over 1000 corporate houses.


Youngest elected President of the ICSI in the year, 2003

Pavan’s academic ability, deep insight into various subjects and fervour that the CS syllabus should be integrated and balanced with a forward-looking approach to meet the expectations of all stakeholders, prompted the then President, ICSI to nominate him as the One-man Syllabus Review Committee. After scrutinizing every little detail...

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Best All-rounder Student

Pavan had been accustomed to securing a position for himself academically since 6th standard and there had been no looking back for him since then. In St. John’s too, he went ahead to become the “Most Popular Student” in college after winning a plenty of for him awards and accolades in various fields ...

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A Professional Entrepreneur

Starting his career as a company secretary, he become the managing director of the biggest arbritrager of the time,BLB limited and thereafter formed Corporate Professionals

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Best Student of Commerce St. John’s College, Agra


Principal’s Special prize for being the Best Student of St. John’s College, Agra

1981 -82

President’s prize for being the Best Students Union Member of St. John’s College, Agra


Won many prizes in Debates, Extempore, Declamation, Flower Shows & Quiz Contest.


Vivek Sindhu Award - Kasganj

Writings on PKV


Every time I look at you, Your charisma is what I look up to, You are a really influencing personality, Someone who is full of versatility, Your vision and goals speak a lot about you, I wish you be successful in whatever you do, Of all your dreams that have come true, We know Takeover code is very dear to you, The Rain gods themselves welcomed the launch, Likewise in future many successes we will launch, Start of your career was back in 1984, Start of CP was back in 2003, From Award for *Best student of Commerce*, To *Vivek Sindhu Award*, From being *President of ICSI*, To enumerable Chairmanships, From membership at various *Exchanges, Boards and Faculties*, To Captaincy of *College Hockey team*, From being* Company Secretary to being Finance Secretary in college*, From being *Visiting Faculty to Editor of Perjury*, You have seen it all sir, From being *Speaker at so many programs n events*, To *Organizing, Participating in more than 150 Programs*, From *Authorship of books for guiding Depositories*, From *Writing articles on diverse topics*, To submitting *Research reports to DCA, ICSI and SEBI*, From *Coverage in Newspapers and other dailies*, To *Interviews on news channels*, You have seen it all sir, From *Invitations from Advisory Board*, To being at various *Interview Boards*, From *Making of*, To *Launch of*, From being *Jury at several Contests*, To *Receiving encouraging Testimonials*, From presence in every possible sphere, To presence in the hearts of all of us, You have seen it all sir, What you have achieved is incredible sir, Your flair for IT tells us about your foresight, You have visioned the future with your foresight, A leader a winner indeed a revelation, For us you will always be an inspiration, Focus and hard-work have made possible this limelight, We’ll march along with you to witness days even more bright, We would like to thank you in every possible way, Hope you like a little gift from us today, Next time you open the internet, Kindly enter the words **, This is your site; solely dedicated to you, With joint efforts we’ll further surprise you, At last we would just like to say, THREE CHEERS FOR MR. PAVAN KUMAR Vijay!