Pavan achiever as student

Pavan had been accustomed to securing a position for himself academically since 6th standard and there had been no looking back for him since then. In St. John’s too, he went ahead to become the “Most Popular Student” in college after winning a plenty of for him awards and accolades in various fields. Being a leader and skilful organizer, Pavan formed cultural associations and discussion forums even at the college level and excelled in all extra-curricular activities alike. He further left no stone unturned in being an all-rounder by becoming the captain of the college Hockey team and winning the elections for the post of finance secretary of the college with the highest margin. After getting the bachelor’s degree in commerce, Pavan went on to pursue his masters in commerce in St. John’s College itself and completed it successfully winning the "Best Student" award by the end of it. The award was one of its kind since the selection of the student who was to receive the award was done after much deliberation amongst the professors and the choice of the recipient was always unanimous, any name that faced opposition by a single teacher of the entire college would have to be dropped out. But Pavan managed to win it for himself and for glory of the two years that he had spent struggling to meet the two ends each day in an unknown city juggling between lectures, extra-curricular activities and tuitions that he continued to take throughout.

It was while contesting the college elections that the seeds of leadership were sown in Pavan, which in future grew into the massive and mighty trees of his success during his elected tenure in the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. After completing his masters in commerce from St. John’s he initially came to Delhi and joined work under his brother and another manufacturing firm where he learned the basics of the functioning of a factory. This was the time when the idea of doing CS came across him but he did not have money to pay the fees for the course. It took him a series of persistent efforts to get money from his brother for the same. Alongside the course of company secretary ship, Pavan also joined the Faculty of Law, Delhi University to get a degree in law as well, while living in the Jubilee Hall hostel of the University. Sustaining self and the cost of education however, did not come easy even then; but the hardships of each day hardly ever managed to bring a frown on his face. By 1990, Pavan had completed both, his degree in law as well as CS, and had taken up training in Dalmia Bharat Cement Ltd. The training there proved to be an extremely important learning experience for Pavan as he gathered two of his life’s most prized teachings there; one, that when one goes beyond just what has been assigned and takes initiative to do something that requires effort and hard work in its execution, only then can he expect the greater rewards from life. Embracing work and not running from it is the primary ingredient required to achieve success. The second learning he gathered was that no matter how many others are doing a certain thing, if you have to hide it from anyone, you must not do it. This is one principle that could always let a person know whether or not he is on the right path in the face of uncertainty.

After completing his training in Dalmia Bharat Cement Ltd. under the able guidance of Mr. D.C. Jain, Pavan soon joined another training and part time job in BLB Group, a company run by Mr. B. L. Bagri