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20th February 1964


M.Com;, Law Graduate

Positions Held



Managing Director - Corporate Professionals India Pvt. Ltd
(A Multi - Disciplinary Consulting Company).


2000 - 2003
Managing Director
BLB Limited
New Delhi
Corporate Member : BSE, CSE, DSE, NSE, UPSE & OTCEI
  Depository Participant : NSDL & CDSL

1996 - 2000
Executive Director
BLB Limited
New Delhi


1994 - 1996
General Manager & Company Secretary
BLB Mutual Services Limited
New Delhi


Company Secretary
J.D. Properties Limited
New Delhi


Company Secretary
Gwalior Strips Limited
New Delhi


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Employee Development

All employees co-exist in Corporate Professionals with an outlook towards their self-development. Each employee is handed tasks and duties that help convert their theoretical knowledge over certain matter(s) and subjects into practical efforts and endeavors. In this way all employees are exposed to wide variety of knowledge, and hence develop a Multi-Task Oriented/ Multi-Faceted work profile.

Business Development

With his outlook towards the usage of IT as a tool towards progressive development, Pavan Kumar Vijay has initiated various sites to engage in the productive development of Corporate Professionals. An example would be www.TakeoverCode.com, a site which was awarded TATA Nen award in 2008, for being the most innovative startup of that year. Pavan Kumar Vijay, with eyes set on heightening the potential of Corporate Professionals, has strategized and implemented innovative policies towards the growth of the company.

Personal Development

Pavan Kumar Vijay, is an avid enthusiast of sports & activities, and holds various cricket-related events as a recreational activity for the Company. He actively takes part in these sporting occasions, and is always enthusiastic pursuing endeavors of this matter.


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R.C. Mahashiri

An inspiring Teacher to teach Accounts and English . He manifested in everything he said and did that poems were not a strange addition to life, but a part of it. And that is one of the great lessons of my life. He didn't know he was doing this, but he gave me my life. He was an exemplary figure to me

K.K. Jain

He was a Young Teacher with Clear Thoughts. He was a really brilliant guy inspiring in the best possible way, not just because he had all sorts of technical expertise and was good at passing it on, but because he encouraged us to think. He got us to do all sorts of crazy exercises things about perception and response.

Dr. M.C. Sharma

Law Teacher- Legal Jurist Prudence. He was unconventional, original and inspiring, constantly inventing his own teaching materials. He encouraged us to think not about passing exams and grades, but rather the books themselves and the writers behind them. An exceptional teacher. (He was amazing).

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    Bhagavad Gita

  • Vision 2020 by Dr. Abdul Kalam

    By Dr. Abdul Kalam

Institute of Company Secretaries of India

One of his key roles has been as The President of Institute of Company Secretaries of India. ICSI, a statutory body constituted under an Act, engaged in the Development of Professionals Specializing in Corporate Governance. As President of ICSI, he had been instrumental in streamlining and giving direction to the efforts of Institutes.

He perceives that a Company Secretary today plays a pro-active role and not a reactive role in the corporate sector. The role of a Company Secretary is no longer confined to just the functioning of the company, but to create value in the Organization and Society.

Before his President-Ship, The Institute's Work was more Presidents--Oriented with the implementation of individual ideas. However with he clearly indicated what the Institute would achieve and how the concept of the profession has changed - from compliance officer to that of a corporate manager.

As part of its proactive approach towards good corporate governance, the Institute formulated a definition of Corporate Governance that included application of best management practices, compliance of law, adherence to ethical standards, distribution of wealth and discharge of social responsibility.

Besides the initiatives taken to popularize one Brand of Company Secretaries all over the world and issues pertaining to corporate secretarial services under GATS (General Agreement on Trade in Services), Mr. Pavan initiated a consultative process with the Institute of Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya for reciprocal recognition of the membership of the ICSI. This is part of a Memorandum of Understanding,

signed with the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, London. In fact, these initiatives have provided members the opportunity to expand their areas of services to other parts of the world and also help the ICSI to establish dialogue with similar Institutes abroad

During his President ship, The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) joined hands to set up a first ever Investor-Clinics to assist small investors in protecting their interests and solving investment problems pertaining to equity, debt/ fixed deposits and depository.


Mr. Pavan Kumar Vijay has had a great vision of integrating legal services into I.T. The vision is to create a virtual interface for professionals, clients, regulators and the corporate world in relation to compliance and knowledge of various present laws.

With his flair for I.T., Mr. Pavan has introduced the ”80:20 Theory” which dictates that professionals should devote 80% of their precious time on intellectual works and spend only 20% on the procedural and manual works (although the practical scenario is quite opposite).

The model, which he uses for his current business will reduce the procedural and manual work and provide support in preparing business strategies. (All the I.T. ventures that he has launched aim at a reduction of the procedural and manual work and utilize the intellect of professionals for strategic tasks)

His idea is to develop a business model that has been derived from the complexities witnessed in the knowledge industry done by I.T., in other industries such as Banking, Capital Market, and Travel etc. In the era of E-governance, inculcation of I.T. in legal compliance has become a necessity.

Working in this direction, his company has launched various revolutionary concepts in the legal world which will change the way laws are interpreted and complied. It provides a platform to bridge the gap between the law makers and the actual users of industry and legal sector. He has in essence, brought the expertise and experience of legal professionals to the desktop of all users thereby increasing efficiency, saving intellectual man power, reducing costs of service, improving quality and providing a global reach.

corporate professional

Corporate Professionals is a group best illustrated for providing widest spectrum of corporate services at one stop. We are recognized as a destination where all paths in hunt for corporate solutions end. Through our strong foundations and robust growth, we have emerged as leading corporate advisors attaining an edge in providing services at internationally competitive standards. Our diversified team of professionals who have attained expertise in delivering supreme corporate services utterly justifies our name, Corporate Professionals.

Corporate Professionals group headquartered in Delhi with its associates spread across the globe is spearheaded by Mr. Pavan Kumar Vijay, who has been most imperative in hoisting the profession of Company Secretaries to its present height through his various positions held with the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). ).

Having incorporated his own venture(s) as www.CorporateProfessionals.com, Private Limited in the year 2000, he laid a foundation for the establishment of a Mega Firm wherein various corporate services would be served and attended to. In a very short span (7-8 years), with his dynamic and future oriented approach, he managed to reach great heights in his professional career. The Brand, Corporate Professionals has become a recognizable and trusted name in the India Inc. and has even got its Reorganization Worldwide.

The group has been competitively delivering services ranging in Investment Banking; Corporate Restructuring-M & A; FEMA Advisory; Securities Laws Advisory; Corporate Finance & Taxation; India Entry Services; Capital Market & Intermediaries Services; Corporate Compliances & Due Diligence. Since the activities are diverse and governed by different regulatory authorities, the businesses are structured under Corporate Professionals – The Mega Firm, with a clear demarcation of infrastructure as well as the human resource in order to offer unsurpassed service in each arena.

The knowledge bank held at Corporate Professionals through its extensive research material and experienced, qualified managers helps Corporate Professionals create a niche in the market over other similar firms in the highly competitive business environment both in India and Abroad.


Mr. Pavan Kumar Vijay has been a revolutionary from the start of his career all due to his unique approach which has extended innumerable benefits to the society by setting high standards and providing innovative business solutions. During his President-Ship of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India he worked as a pioneer and revamped the role of Company Secretaries in India thereby providing an elevated and highly recognizable arena in the Corporate World.

Mr. Pavan has also been an active participant by laying down the structure of The Corporate Professionals Foundation; The Foundation has extended its benefits towards the development of its members, knowledge enhancement of the society, investors education, corporate social responsibility. To fulfill its objective The Foundation organizes Programs, Seminars while publishing books, arranging for Discussion Forums and Representations etc. Connecting with other organizations enables the extension of benefits of societal interest at large.

Mr. Pavan is a devoted and contributing trustee for CERC Consumer Education and Research Centre Ahembdabad, which are centers for promoting consumer education and awareness. Being an integral part of the society and having known that only an educated and enlightened society will lead to the formation of a Developed Nation, it has always been an effort of Mr. Pavan Kumar Vijay, to bestow his contribution towards the interest of society at large


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